Living Room Decoration Ideas


Living Room is the best place for sitting and socializing with family and friends. It is also known as lounge, lounge room or sitting room. It is the most critical area as it is near the main entrance of the home. We must consider the simple living room interior design of the house as it is the main place for guests assembly.
Here are some tips and ideas for decorating the living room. The main areas to consider includes:
Furniture Arrangement – Select the furniture according to the size of the room. If the room is big, you can go for large size furniture and if it is small go for the small sized one. Avoid overcrowding by filling the room with too much of furniture. It is not a necessity to always occupy the space it can be left vacant for many tasks.
Color Schemes – Living room can be given an elegant, stylish and peaceful look by choosing an appropriate color scheme for paint. Red is usually most suited color as it increases the level of energy in the body. Those who want a cohesive and sophisticated look can go for turquoise, jade green, and yellow-green color.
Curtain Styles – The curtains or draperies adds beauty along with blocking sun rays. The designer curtain just transforms the look of the room. With the long length draperies from top to bottom height of the room seems large. Frills added to the curtains makes them more incredible and stylish.
Lighting – Use the hanging lights for room decor purpose. Table lamps are placed in the corners of the upholstery. Use ambient lights and assure that the lights you are using are mild not too strong that strikes in someone’s eye. Get proper electrical fixtures done in advance so that there is no need to use any extension cords letting to trap in and fall.
Decorating Walls – Make your living room more attractive and fascinating by covering the walls with artwork. One can also place the family pictures in the living room. Designers wallpapers are for giving a designer look.